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Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!
Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!

What is Red Teaming?

Red teaming is the practice of analyzing a security mechanism from the standpoint of an external attacker or adversary. A red team is a group of third-party penetration testers that detects vulnerabilities in your systems and networks while mimicking the attacks of an intruder. The ultimate purpose of red teaming is to HARDEN your security against real-world attacks.


Our Red Teaming Strategy

Your Penetration Testing Tactic

Smart organizations use the progressive strategy known as “red teaming.” This is the rewarding practice of using an external, independent team to challenge organizations to find ways to improve their effectiveness. The red teaming strategy encompasses and parallels the military use of simulations and war games, invoking references to competition (play) between the attackers (the red team) and the defenders (the blue team). Our clients use red teaming to improve the security effectiveness of their business and information systems. This security strategy engages an external team for penetration testing.

Practice Against Us to Win against Them

Read Teaming StrategyWe will challenge your security mechanisms and procedures so you can improve their effectiveness against actual adversaries. Our ultimate objective is to subject your security policies, programs, ideas, mechanisms, procedures, and assumptions to meticulous analysis and testing. We are able to do this by deploying our Global Ghost Team™; helmed by Kevin Mitnick, this team maintains a 100 percent successful track record of penetrating systems using technical exploits and social engineering to expose vulnerabilities within any organization. Consider this red teaming a friendly face-off between our world-renowned Global Ghost Team™ and your organization’s security team. Your defense team will hone its skills by practicing against us. This practice will reveal holes and vulnerabilities in your organization’s defenses so you can eliminate them before your real enemy (the “black hat”attacker) takes advantage of them. We will provide mitigation strategies to eliminate vulnerabilities to ensure you will win against malicious hackers in the battle of security.

Remember, the reality is that you are practicing against us so you can beat the bad guys. To be the best player, we scrimmage constant attack scenarios together so your organizational security will always be at the highest level of security effectiveness and readiness.

Business and Financial Factors of Red Teaming

It is crucial that you understand how valuable and important it is to constantly use the red teaming strategy. Before that, you must come to grips with the reality that it is impossible to quantify how secure something is. Theoretically, the goal of being 100 percent secure and ready for any attack can only be reached temporarily at best because the goal is a moving target. There is no such thing as absolute security. The bad guys are always researching and developing new ways to prey on slow-moving organizations. Red teaming propels organizations forward to stay apace with those who would do them harm and to ensure constant preparedness to face the evolving security challenges that lie ahead.

Our goal is to supplement your decision-making process by clearly laying out the strategies of the attacker for you to envisage. Mitnick Security’s Global Ghost Team™ will explore alternative security mechanisms and procedures that you can deploy and provide you with intelligent estimations of their effectiveness. The purpose is to make you aware of your adversary’s abilities and facilitate mitigation before business losses occur. As soon as you stop strategically red teaming, your security and readiness for attacks diminishes. The odds increase that new unknown vulnerabilities, technologies, and techniques will provide unforeseen exploits and attacks.

Business and Financial Factors of Red TeamingThis is why militaries are constantly “war gaming.” This is why you should constantly undergo penetration testing. To improve your play, to become the best you can be, you should always practice against the best you can find. This is why practicing against the Global Ghost Team™ is your best option for red teaming and penetration testing.

Mitnick Security will evaluate various areas of your organizational security using a multidimensional approach. Our Global Ghost Team™ follows the Defense in Depth concept while testing, which means we will test your security against every layer of possible attack, including application boundary, external perimeter, internal LAN, individual hosts, application, and operating system, among others. Our team will test each layer to see how well it complies with your organization’s security policy. We will test areas of your organizational security including, but not limited to, Internet security, data security, social engineering, wireless security, communications security, and physical security. Our Global Ghost Team™ uses a balanced and tested combination of publicly known and proprietary penetration testing techniques that reveals maximum vulnerabilities in your systems and networks.

How to Maximize Your Red Teaming Budget’s Effect

While you want to be effectively secure against the latest and most advanced threats, we understand that you are on a budget and will want to achieve the maximum results from your dollar. This is where our Global Ghost Team™ comes into play. At Mitnick Security, we have a team of highly skilled elite security experts who are apt at locating maximum vulnerabilities in systems and networks within a given amount of time. Simply put, our Global Ghost Team™ will give you the most bang for your buck. Unlike many other red teams out there, the veteran professionals on our team know exactly where they need to be to uncover the most significant vulnerabilities in your systems and networks. Our team is able to discover vulnerabilities and develop corresponding exploits using the least amount of time and effort. We pass these savings on to you when you employ the world’s premium red teaming service at a competitive rate.