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Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!
Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!

Information on Submitting a Business Proposal

Thank you for thinking of Kevin Mitnick and Mitnick Security Consulting for your business endeavors and ideas.

Our team continually receives multiple monthly requests from throughout the world for Kevin and his team for reviews, endorsements, product development, joint business efforts, product pitches, and channel ideas, among others. 

Submitting a Business ProposalOur guidelines for business proposals and endorsements are as follows:

  • Mitnick Security is a services company, not an investment company; therefore, Mitnick does not accept proposals to invest Kevin’s or the company’s time or funds into external ventures.
  • Mitnick does not make deals that are purely based on future revenue sharing of any external ventures. There are no exceptions.
  • Kevin and his team are paid to analyze, consult, and test any claims against products and services. Payments to Mitnick are to be made either in cash or publicly traded securities. Significant payments are made upfront with the remainder to be held in escrow.
  • If you are seeking an endorsement from Mitnick or wish to use Kevin’s name or a Mitnick brand, your product, service, and possibly even your corporate structure (depending on your security claims) must be tested according to Mitnick’s rigorous specifications, which may include ongoing requirements and will include remediation of security vulnerabilities.
  • After completion of a successful testing program, endorsements are more flexible in how they can be remunerated.

If you feel your proposal or request is suitable, please contact us.

We would be pleased to help you get where you want to go.