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Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!
Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!

Mitnick Security is the home of:

The World's Network of White Hat Hackers™



Thank you for your interest in using Mitnick Security. You’re at the right place to access the best security resources in the world.

You are now among other leaders in industry, technology, and government who want to know how well their technical and human-based security controls can hold up to a sophisticated attack. They rely on Mitnick Security’s 100% successful track record of penetrating systems using technical exploits and social engineering to expose vulnerabilities. Due to our unique positioning within the industry, we are able to provide the most advanced and comprehensive analysis, recommendations, and support available.

We provide The Global Ghost Team

Kevin Mitnick, our founder and namesake, is the team leader. He instilled the term “Social engineering” into the world’s security lexicon. Recognized as a world authority on hacking, Kevin has his team employ his methodologies and techniques (many not publicly known) in a manner that is the recognized standard for achievement.

The Best Security Specialists and Researchers Available

Our globally renowned team, handpicked from the The World's Network of White Hat Hackers™, use technology and knowledge to provide unparalleled analysis of and insight into your security risks and vulnerabilities. We implore all of our clients to do comprehensive testing even if they’ve been tested before or have internal security staff in place, because unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your viewpoint) our team too often finds that organizations are compromised by malicious criminals, rogue nations, and, often, internal figures.

In a safe, controlled, professional, and authorized TEST we succeed in penetrating your systems, processes, technology, and people. Mitnick Security only deploys the most advanced team of security experts available to maximize results. Depending on your requirements, Mitnick Security deploys or team, a manner specific to each engagement, including augmenting our security specialists and trusted situational-specific resources. Then, using a blend of proprietary technology and methodologies, we test multiple attack vectors and simulate sophisticated hackers to analyze your company’s attack surface. Our clients must understand the level of current risk and what they can accept in the future.

The Global Ghost Team probes and launches safe attacks against your applications, people, telecommunications, and internal and external networks. We have advanced up-to-the-minute knowledge of how hackers and possibly internal staff might seek to invade and damage your organization.

Clients normally use our recommendations to HARDEN networks, systems, and devices based on our recommendations. They use Mitnick Security to analyze intrusions, track down intruders, and provide thorough, in-depth forensics. We provide Expert Witness Services when necessary.

People’s susceptibilities to manipulation and influence are the biggest security risks to businesses. Mitnick Security will design, implement, and promote the effort to TRAIN staff toward mitigating risk. We work with employees to educate and train, and, more important, change their security mindsets.

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