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Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!
Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!

Mitnick’s Product Claims Testing and Validation

Verifying Products and Services for Security Claims

Mitnick Security can test products and services to secure the validity of claims. We provide accurate measurements of the security of products and services against intentional attempts of intrusion. Unfortunately, we encounter cases of gross overstatements with regard to the security of products and services. After Mitnick Security’s product testing, these statements have been revealed to be mere marketing tactics, and the claims were discovered to be false.  

Mitnick Verifies and Validates Products and Services for Security ClaimsOur Global Ghost Team™ provides extremely qualified penetration testers who are highly skilled at breaking security mechanisms and procedures to identify weaknesses and to defeat and evade security procedures. We will unearth security vulnerabilities and provide you with the evidence that will validate or nullify a security claim.

Some of our clients want to know whether products and services perform as advertised, whereas others need supportive evidence prior to making a business decision. Our testing services will provide confidence in the quality, performance, and safety of security mechanisms implemented in a product or service.

Depending on the nature of the product or service, we configure and deploy the Global Ghost Team™ with the right specialists for maximum penetration and analysis specific to your industry. Whether it is for a business decision, such as a purchase, or if you feel negligence has occurred, and you are headed toward court, you will receive comprehensive reporting containing details of the tests we conducted and whether a claim “passed” or “failed” a test. Ultimately, we will reveal and prove the truth.


Mitnick Security Clients


Approach to Testing for Security Claims Testing

At Mitnick Security, we design and set up sophisticated experiments that are meant to rigorously test a product according to its claims. We follow a unique combination of industry standard testing procedures and proprietary penetration testing techniques. We will conduct tests in a way that resembles actual intruder attacks.

The product or service will undergo both “black box” and “white box” testing. During black box testing, we will conduct tests from the outside, mimicking the techniques of an external attacker. During white box testing, our experts will perform a thorough analysis of the internal workings of the product or service. Our experts may also review source code if applicable. For more information on these services, please refer to Application Penetration Testing in the Mitnick Security Knowledge Base.

Why People Use Mitnick to Validate Security Claims

Testing Products and Services for Security Claims - Are they True?We receive two main requests for our claims and verification testing:

  • Try to break it: People, companies, lawyers, and even governments come to Mitnick Security when they want to know whether something works as advertised. Before a big launch of your product or service, you will want to make sure security mechanisms are effective and ensure they will stand against intentional attempts of abuse and attacks. Enlisting the world-renowned experts at Mitnick Security to perform a thorough analysis of the product or service will give you the greatest peace of mind.
  • True or False: We will give you thumbs-up or thumbs-down for each security claim made. The product or service will undergo extensive testing to determine whether there is evidence to accept or negate a claim of security. This is done for you to reach an effective understanding of how secure a product really is. When true, we will provide you with details of the security testing procedures that the product underwent without yielding to our penetration attempts. When false, we will provide details of how we were able to break or evade a security mechanism and how we were able to gain unauthorized access to a protected asset.

Acting Upon the Results from Security Testing

When the testing reveals vulnerabilities in your product or service or allows exploits to be used, we will recommend strategies or solutions to remediate them. In cases of suspected false claims, you can use our testing services to determine whether these were fraudulent in nature, and we will provide you the legal support you need through our Expert Witness services.