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Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!
Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!

See Kevin Mitnick's Business Card Pick a Lock

How to Get Kevin Mitnick's Lock Pick Card

Please follow exactly these steps to obtain Kevin's Lock Pick Business card:

Send your IP address and password (just kidding) to:

Condor the Friendly Ghost IconMitnick Security Consulting, LLC
5455 S. Fort Apache Road
Suite 108-166
Las Vegas, NV 89148

Please enclose $18 USD cash (no other form of payment is accepted) plus a self-addressed stamped envelope.  

Kevin Mitnick - Two SidesAt select special events and appearances, you may be able to obtain a free card courtesy of Kevin's host.

Please note, if the correct payment and the SASE are not enclosed, we will cancel the order and absolutely nothing will be returned to you. Accordingly, please correctly order one or more of Kevin's business cards by properly following the above instructions. If you are located outside the USA, please include a prepaid self-addressed envelope (you can use FedEx, DHL, or UPS) and enclose either 12 dollars, Euros, or GBP, cash only, for each card. We don't accept any other currencies.

Thank you!