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Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!
Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!

An Opportunity for Speakers Bureaus

An Unforgettable Experience for Your Clients:

Speakers Bureaus can Co-broker Kevin Mitnick for Speaking Engagements

Kevin and his agent welcome all opportunities to work with speaker bureaus in a co-broker relationship.

The Top Computer Security Speaker

Successful Appearances Worldwide for More than a Decade

Example Mitnick Clients



Kevin Mitnick welcomes opportunities to work with Speakers Bureaus

If you similar clients for one of Kevin's presentations, we offer an excellent rewards package.

Easy to quote, easy to manage

  • Holds: We honor priority, using a first-come, first-hold sequence
  • Spin-offs: We want you to be a long-term partner
  • Non-Circumvent: We want the host to contine to work directly with you
  • Non-Compete: It's always the same pricing for all

Kevin's marketing collateral will be tailored to suit your exact listing and response needs.

To represent the World's Most Famous Hacker to your clients please contact us.

YES! You can list Kevin's materials and embed or host Kevin's videos on your website.